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We are an elite team of creatives dedicated to our craft. We love the psychology of corporate storytelling and find WordPress websites to be an amazing platform to help businesses tell their stories. Certainly we can do more than build a website for you, but their is a bit of magic in the sites we are able to build. If all you need is hosting, you got it. If you need someone to edit your existing site, we can help there too. If you need a new website built from scratch, we’ll take care of you. Let us know how we can best be of service to you.

Now You’ve Got Speed with a Fastly CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers that are distributed around the world. When a user visits your website, the CDN will deliver the content from the server that is closest to them. This helps to improve the speed of your website, as the content does not have to travel as far.

Here are some of the benefits of using a CDN:

Improved website speed: A CDN can significantly improve the speed of your website, especially for users who are located far away from your hosting server.

Reduced bandwidth costs: A CDN can help to reduce your bandwidth costs by caching static content, such as images and CSS files, on servers that are close to your users.

Increased website security: A CDN can help to improve the security of your website by distributing the load across multiple servers. This makes it more difficult for hackers to take down your website.

Malware Security For Speed and Performance

While no website is immune to malware attacks,several critical services make our malware security the best in the industry when it comes to protecting and boosting your WordPress website:

When malware is executed on your website, it can slow down your website’s performance by causing unnecessary requests to be made to the server. Malware can also damage your website’s files and make it difficult to maintain.

Our server level firewall will monitor potential threats and eliminate them before they embed in your site. By updating your plugins regularly we eliminate the greatest malware access to your sites. Our daily backups ensure that if malware finds its way onto your site through a plugin we can back up the site to yesterday and make sure it is clean and secure. Lastly, if your site is attacked through blunt-force we will work to contain and eliminate the threat and restore your site to its safe state.

Our robust malware security will reduce your website downtime, improve your site’s reputation, and keep you performing at the highest levels.

Daily Backups

By having a daily backup, we can quickly restore your website to a previous state if something goes wrong. This could be anything from a simple typo to a major security breach. There is no threat of losing your website’s data.

Daily backups also improve your website’s performance. When you make changes to your website, such as adding new content or images, some changes can inadvertently slow down your website’s loading time. By making daily backups, you can restore your website to a previous state if you’ve made changes that negatively impact its performance.

Daily backups are a great way to improve your website’s speed, performance, and security.

SSL (Security Certificate) Included With Every Site

An SSL certificate encrypts the data that is transmitted between your website and your visitors’ browsers. This helps to protect the privacy of your visitors’ data, such as their credit card numbers and passwords.

In addition to improving security, SSL certificates can improve the speed of your website. This is because SSL certificates enable the use of HTTP/2, which is a newer version of the HTTP protocol that is designed to improve performance by using techniques such as multiplexing, server pushing, and header compression to improve your site’s speed and performance.

Domain Management

By managing your domains, you can ensure that your website is always accessible to your visitors. You can also use your domain names to create email addresses and subdomains, which can be used for a variety of purposes. We are able to manage any or all of your domains through our GoDaddy account which will allow us to transfer domains in or out with ease.

A domain name is a unique identifier that is used to access a website or other online resource.To manage your domains, we first need to register them with a domain registrar. A domain registrar is a company that sells and manages domain names. Once we have registered your domain names, we point them to your website files saved on our servers.

Here are a few services we offer as part of your domain management:

  • Changing your domain name’s contact information
  • Transferring your domain name to a different registrar
  • Renewing your domain name
  • Setting up email forwarding
  • Creating subdomains
  • Managing your domain name’s DNS

Collaborative Access

If you’d like to access your backups directly, flush the cache, or add a new domain without waiting for our team to take your order, we can provide you with collaborator access to our hosting dashboard where you can see your plugins status, evaluate performance insights, or put a temporary password access on your site. Our commitment to you is to make sure that should you want it, you will have direct access to your server, afterall you’re paying for it. For your convenience, however, we will take care of all your needs unless you ask for it.

DNS Management

You can use domain name server (DNS) records to do a variety of things, including:

  • Point your domain to a web server: This is the most common use for DNS records. When you point your domain to a web server, visitors to your domain will be able to see your website.
  • Create email addresses: You can use DNS records to create email addresses for your domain. This is a great way to create professional-looking email addresses for your employees or customers.
  • Set up domain-based routing: You can use DNS records to set up domain-based routing. This allows you to route traffic to different servers based on the domain name. For example, you could route traffic to a different server for your blog than you would for your website.
  • Create subdomains: You can use DNS records to create subdomains. Subdomains are like subdirectories of your domain. For example, you could create a subdomain for your blog or for your customer support department.

Here are some of the records we most commonly work with:

  • A records: A records are used to point domain names to IP addresses. This is the most common type of DNS record and is used to point domain names to web servers.
  • CNAME records: CNAME records are used to create aliases for domain names. This can be useful for creating subdomains or for load balancing traffic across multiple servers.
  • MX records: MX records are used to specify the mail servers for a domain. This is how email is delivered to a domain.
  • TXT records: TXT records can be used to store arbitrary text data for a domain. This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as adding security features or for tracking the ownership of a domain.

Ongoing Edits to Website

For those seeking to grow their presence and continually build their website, our maintenance program allows for up to 2 hours of edits each month including one page of new content. Landing pages tied to ongoing promotions are a great way to use these edits. Such landing pages provide extremely relevant and actionable content tied to very specific promotions and make the tracking of the effectiveness of a campaign much easier.

Furthermore as your business morphs and molds you will come to appreciate the malleable nature of your site being able to quickly change images, text, descriptions, sections, and full pages on your site as needed. We are here to make this process much easy allowing your website to grow with your business.

Plugin and Theme Updates

Updating your plugins and theme is a high priority to us for the safety, performance, and speed of your website. Here is why:


Security. Plugin and theme developers are constantly working to fix security vulnerabilities in their code. By updating your plugins and theme, you can help to keep your website secure from hackers.

Performance. Developers are also constantly working to improve the performance of their code. By updating your plugins and theme, you help to improve the speed and responsiveness of your website.

Features. Developers are constantly adding new features to their code. By updating your plugins and theme, you give your website the latest features and functionality.

Compatibility. Developers are constantly working to ensure that their code is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and other major plugins. By updating your plugins and theme, you help ensure your website continues to work properly.


It is important to note that not all plugin and theme updates are created equal. Some updates may introduce conflicts with other plugins or themes. It is always important to limit the number of plugins used on your site to a minimum and test your site after updating any plugins or themes to make sure that everything is working properly. That’s why we’re here.

Choose the Plan that Works Best for You


Hosting Only Services
$ 35 Monthly
  • Daily Backups
  • Blazing Speeds
  • Free SSL
  • Native CDN
  • Online Security
  • Plugin and Theme Updates


Hosting Only Services
$ 145 Monthly
  • Everything From Hosting & Maintenance Plans
  • Image Optimization
  • Add a Page Per Month
  • Discount on Creative Services
  • Free Consultations
  • Custom Requests


Maintenance Only Services
$ 125 Monthly
  • Ongoing Edits to Existing Content
  • Page Speed Efficiencies
  • SEO Friendly
  • Full Time American Support
  • Plugin and Theme Updates
  • 50% discount on New Content